Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wymount Family Carnival

Thanks to Amanda Madsen for taking us to the Wymount Family Carnival. Holly had such a great time. We got to play games, ride on the train, get a snowcone and cotton candy, get our face painted (go BYU), and get a balloon animal (butterfly). It was way too fun!


ThePalmers said...

Hey- I saw your Dad yesterday at my nieces baptism. I wanted to say hello, but never got a chance ( he was on the stand and we were being led to the font). Anyway, he looked great! Tell him and your Mom hello for me! Glad to see you are having fun in Provo!

Eric and Janelle said...

Hey Rick & Barb!

I am so glad that you guys are having a blast with Jeremy & Amanda! We can't WAIT to see you in October!!


Christi said...

How fun and I bet the weather was beautiful!