Sunday, February 7, 2010

Holly's 2nd Birthday

Holly had a great 2nd birthday. It was so much fun. She loved having us sing to her and blowing out the candle. Our friends Dani, Amanda, and Jeremy came over for cake and ice cream and brought Holly some of her favorite things...balloons, stickers, and a book with Dora on it. While we were in Arizona Pop Pop and G.G. took us to Chuck E. Cheese for some pizza, games, and presents. Holly loved every minute and she got a new best friend out of the deal, Jessie from Toy Story, who also enjoyed riding the little kid rides. Best 2 year old party ever :)

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Eric and Janelle said...

Happy Birthday Holly!! We love you so much!! It sounds like you had a fabulous birthday! Yea for being 2!!

I taught Jackson that you're 2 and he holds up 2 fingers when I ask him how old you are! Then I ask him how old he is and he says, "I free. I free!" {While holding up 3 fingers!!} Not quite, but soon!!

Jackson was SO sad that Holly wasn't at Grandpa Sugar's birthday party on Saturday. He missed her!!

We love you guys and can't wait for another AZ visit. We drove past Val Vista Lakes the other day and Jackson asked, "Go Holly house?" So cute!

Love you!