Monday, May 26, 2008

Play Time with Holly

Holly loves her jumper. Mike and Susie Jensen gave Holly this little jumper and Holly really likes to play in it. She doesn't quite got the jumping part of it down, but she loves spinning around in circles and chewing on it. After all that playing it is nice to cuddle up with your burp rag and take a little nap.

Daddy Daughter time part two

Here is another episode of Rick babysitting Holly. As you can see they continue to have fun watching Sports Center and playing video games. Holly just loves her daddy, it doesn't matter what they are doing she loves to be with him. Holly gives her best smiles to Daddy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Holly's Blessing

On Sunday May 4th, 2008 Holly was given a blessing by her father. It was so beautiful and I was so happy that Holly didn't cry through it. I was a little nervous about it because we put her in the car to go to church and she started screaming. Luckly she fell asleep and was perfectly content through the whole thing. We were so grateful to have so much family support on sunday. Thank you to all that made the effort to come and be apart of Holly's special day.