Monday, June 23, 2008

Holly is Ready for Summer

We like to go for walks in the evening as a family. It is cooler outside and the sun is going down. On one leg of our walk the sun gets in our eyes really bad, so I got these cool shades for Holly to wear while we walk. She is one cool chick. We also got Holly a little pool that she loves. These are pictures of our first swim. She just loved kicking her feet in the water.

Getting Ready for a Bath

Even though Holly is naked, I just had to take pictures because she was so happy getting ready to take a bath.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Holly Rolls Over

Holly started rolling over on Tuesday June 10th.When she did it the first time she was really mad at me for not picking her up, but I could see that she was so close to rolling over on her own that I let her cry. She did it! I think she was a little confused when I started cheering and called her daddy on the phone and still didn't pick her up. :) I got the video when she was in a better mood.

Play date with Ashley Bentley

This was the first meeting between Ashley Bentley our new baby cousin and Holly. I can't believe how big my little Holly is getting. As you can see the girls are already the best of friends.

Holly and Waddles

Waddles is Holly's favorite toy. He is a stuffed Duck hence the name Waddles. She loves to give it hugs and kisses. I guess Holly is going to follow after her mother and have a stuffed animal friend to cuddle with instead of a blanket.