Monday, May 2, 2011

I Can't Believe April is Over!

Here is a recap of our fun April...

To 30 and Beyond

Rick celebrated his 30th birthday on April 12. We surprised him with a treat and a balloon in the library and a taco night with some of our best friends. Happy Birthday Daddy :)

The Mall Train

Holly is now a big girl and has learned to use the big girl potty. After she went a week with no accidents we took her to the mall to ride the mall train. She has been wanting to ride the train so badly that it became a great motivator for her. Good Job Holly Bear.

Ice Skating

Rick took Holly Ice Skating for her first time over spring break. She's a natural.


The kiddos looked so cute in their Easter clothes this year. Holly was such a lucky girl this year to be wearing a hand-made Easter dress from our Aunt Jean. It was so lovely on her and she was so proud to tell everyone at church about her special dress. Dallin was sporting a darling sweater vest and plaid shirt combo that really looked handsome. We had a great Easter and a wonderful month.

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Amanda M said...

Good Updates! I did notice Stew's sour face at Ric's "30 Crown"... classic!